A Few Words About Us

Children for peace (C4P) is a grassroots, children led movement working across Cameroon to increase the number of children engaged and mobilized in peacebuilding and to valorize their vital role in sustainable development. The organization has been created in 2015 in Cameroon after the first attacks by the terrorist group Boko Haram in North Cameroon.

Experiences have also taught us that children are the ones who always suffer the most during any conflict, much less wars. Thus, we want to focus our effort in lifting children voice for their rights and for peacebuilding.

Children of Peace (C4P) operates with integrity, understanding and respect in multicultural environments. We give an importance to diversity understood as the acceptation of the interdependence of humanity, cultures, religions and mutual respect.

We understand that it is our decision to serve Cameroon and Africa; thus we will serve our communities with respect regardless of their ethnicity and circumstance. Children’s rights and needs are our first and foremost concern as we continue to serve them.

We seek to collaborate with our host country officials, its people and local, regional and international stakeholders in order to achieve the best result for each situation, person and community accordingly for children’s sake.

We pursue all possible avenues to provide children with the help and support required for the best possible opportunities and a brighter future. Our efforts bring the light of hope and success to children.


Divina Maloum


Emmanuelle Foyet

Vice President